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Universal Man, Play a Bigger Game

Becoming a Man of Action via the Dopamine Detox (MoA #01)

If you’re struggling to reach the levels of progress and productivity you want, there’s a good chance that your problem is not just a lack of effort. It’s more likely that your modern lifestyle is sapping you of the precious neurochemicals you need to truly get hooked into advancing the story of your own life. In this video I introduce the new Man of Action series and the Dopamine Detox concept. It’s time to learn how to take your brain (and your results) to a whole new level. 24:57

Mapping Out Your Dopamine Detox (MoA #2)

If you’ve ever tried and failed to quit bad habits or forge new ones, then you’re in good company. Most guys struggle to make the change sustainable across time, and end up falling back into their old selves again. Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with you, but there is something wrong with your method. In this video I’ll show you the glaringly obvious yet humbling missing piece you need to kill your dragons off, one-by-one, until all that’s left is the new and improved you. If you’ve ever been a gamer, this one is for you. 25:07

Brain Bridging: How to Fall In Love With Discipline (MoA #3)

Don’t watch this video if you wish to hold on to your escapism and general lack of discipline. Accidental exposure to this technique could unintentionally lead to massive positive lifestyle changes. 22:19

The Heart of Action: Mastering Your Neurochemical Workflow (MoA #4)

So you want to rewire your dopamine pathways and become super productive? Cool story, but how are you going to get yourself to consistently follow through? You won’t find the answer to this question by looking purely at willpower, mindfulness, or hustle hacks. From almost a decade of coaching experience, I’ve isolated the real catalyst for sustainable productivity change. You already know the answer, but I guarantee you’ve never heard it put like this. Hope this leaves you smiling instead of kicking yourself. 25:36

Apex Action: The Art of Intensity (MoA #5)

If you’ve ever googled ‘productivity tips’, you’ll know that 99% of information out there is complete crap. Impractical at best, or just plain wrong at worst. From 15 years of personal experimentation, and 10 years of coaching, I’ve developed a very simple method for CONSISTENTLY applying massive action. Warning: do not watch if you wish to remain unproductive. 33:05

Habit Periodization: Secret to crazy progress via reasonable effort (MoA #6)

It’s a brand new day. You’ve vowed to create a better life for yourself. You’re all ready to go with your habit plan. Aaaaand you give up within a few days. Ever been here before? It’s the classic mistake that everyone makes when they begin a self-improvement journey, and a key tension point I find with almost all of my coaching clients. In this video I’ll show you the incredibly simple method I’ve used to help hundreds of men create sustainable lifestyle change through enacting good new habits in a CONSISTENT way. I truly believe it’s the gold-dust many men are looking for. 28:32

Bulletproof Guide to Unlimited Motivation (MoA #7)

You’re stuck. It’s like there are two parts to yourself. One sets sky-high goals and generates passion and energy to chase them. But the other part pulls you back into procrastination, and you’re left…. stuck. Don’t worry, I’ve been there too! But I believe I’ve finally cracked the code – through 10 years experience as a masculinity coach and working with hundreds of men, I’ve pieced together the formula to generating unlimited motivation. No willpower required. In fact, that’s counterproductive. The method I teach you in this video isn’t shitty cookie-cutter tips and tricks, but rather a bespoke program that puts YOU in the center. Have fun building your jetpack guys! 39:25

Planning Your Day: Advanced Guide for The Modern Man (MoA#8)

Which of these 2 types of people are you? The type that has no structure in their day, and just does whatever they ‘feel like’ (Zero productivity)? Or the type who has a packed schedule who’s always trying to do as much as possible every second of the day (Burn-out waiting to happen)? If you answered yes to either of these, this video is for you. I’ve reverse engineered the formula used by the hyper-successful into 3 main principles, which have helped take my productivity from ‘meh’ to sky-high. If you’d like to learn what they are, stick around to find out! 31:44

The following is an earlier video which discusses
Alpha Leadership and Training Your Primal Self

Meet your primal and terminal selves and learn an entirely new form of self-interaction. You are far more complex and powerful than you can imagine, the key is to master your own internal alpha-leadership qualities. 38:09

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