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You can do it ! Juniper styling for a bonsai cascade. Amazing first success with your styling.

World of Bonsai•15K viewsWatch the basic pruning and bending of a little Juniper procumbens nana bonsai to become a beautiful cascade bonsai.You will be surprised to have a very fast and cheap success with this bonsai..

How to make bonsai out of nursery stock for under $30 – Juniper Bonsai

Eugin•350K viewsHow to make bonsai – bonsai soil – bonsai repot Bought this baby for $30 after looking around at other “finished” bonsai stock that ranged from $45-50,000. So I settled with this guy here.

Bonsai for Less than the Price of a Shirt

GrahamWPotter•1.1M viewsGraham Potter ( demonstrates how to use nursery stock to create interesting bonsai trees for less than the price of a shirt.

Starting some unusual Bonsai Trees, Dec 2016

Nigel Saunders, The Bonsai Zone211K viewsIn this video, I get a guava tree, a pencil cactus, a Portulacaria afra and a money tree under way as bonsai trees. A busy morning of gardening!

Do you like the bonsai look watch this

Maria’s Garden•10K viewsIf you like the bonsai look let’s make some desert roses look like bonsai 20% landscape sun 20% coconut coir 20% perlite 20% potting soil also add you Fertilizer osmocote slows release Epsom.

Starting a new Jade Bonsai Surprise Planting Part 1 September 2019

Scott Winnard•3K viewsTidying up the Jades i have and i was met with a great Surprise with a jade that was planted 3 years ago as a tree for the house, too much growth meant i had to repot, and what a surprise i.

How to think when making Bonsai

Herons Bonsai•219K viewsAt Herons we hold montly bonsai workshops.

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